Top Hero Extracts ‘Skintellectuals’ Seek

Top Hero Extracts ‘Skintellectuals’ Seek

In the personal care space, brands are more frequently formulating their products with ingredients to meet the concerns of ‘conscious consumers.’ Considering purpose along with performance, natural, plant-based ingredients are taking priority, especially when they are substantiated by science.

And beyond the brand or product format, Vogue Business claims that beauty consumers have a bigger priority than ever – star ingredients. From Anthocyanin to Vitamin C, skintellectuals are less inclined to align with brands, and more with unique sources of the ingredients they seek.  The Hut Group (THG), Cult Beauty Owner, reports that ingredient searches, in contrast to brand names or claims, have begun to increase rapidly, “growing over 229% year on year,” according to Rachel Horsefield, chief executive of THG Beauty. And the numbers don’t lie. Ingredient-led brands like The Inkey List or The Ordinary are seeing exponential revenue growth.


Hero Ingredients may encompass a range of natural molecules for multi-functionality, whilst helping simplify ingredient lists. Hero Ingredients are backed by scientific analysis, are able to be used for various concerns and target applications, and have a transparent and ethical source. These superheroes may not wear capes, but they come to the rescue for products lost in the crowd, giving any old cleanser or cream a new unique identity and story to share.

So, whether you are targeting hydration, antioxidants, well-aging, hair & scalp care, eye area, or blemish prone skin, we are featuring the top botanical heroes to build your next top-seller from, or to refresh your existing range with.

Have a look at these Cellular Plant Extracts by NATIVE EXTRACTS and see what your next skincare star will be!

These recommendations are based on the phyto-compound profiles achieved by Cellular ExtractionTM, verified by 3rd party analytical laboratories. Cellular Extraction delivers the natural molecules in their entourage, maintaining their integrity as they exist in the cell. To discover the natural molecules available in any of these ingredients, request a data sheet from us!


for More Information on Each Category Below ASK US FOR THE “FROM THE LAB”Research by NATIVE EXTRACTS!


Top Hero Antioxidant Extracts

1.     Mountain Pepper Berry Cellular Extract
2.     Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract
3.     Quandong Cellular Extract
4.     Flame Tree Cellular Extract
5.     Green Tea Cellular Extract
6.     Emu Apple Cellular Extract
7.     Lilli Pilli Cellular Extract
8.     Davidson Plum Cellular Extract
9.     Blueberry Cellular Extract
When we eat foods high in antioxidants, we are preventing damage from oxidation, and our skin needs to be fed as well! Oxidative stress manifests in our skin through collagen degradation, wrinkles, dehydration, inflammation, dermatitis, acne and reduced barrier function. These Cellular Extracts and more deliver antioxidant compounds to help prevent the above conditions from developing or progressing.

Best antioxidant extracts

Top Hero Well-Aging Extracts

1.     Finger Lime Cellular Extract
2.     Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract
3.     Mountain Pepper Berry Cellular Extract
4.     Mountain Pepper Leaf Cellular Extract
5.     Lemon Myrtle Cellular Extract
6.     Flannel Flower Cellular Extract
7.     Kangaroo Apple Cellular Extract
8.     Kangaroo Paw Cellular Extract
9.     Lilli Pilli Cellular Extract
These extracts and more include compounds that have shown through peer reviewed papers to provide Anti-glycation (improve elasticity), Collagen support, Exfoliation, Anti-Inflammatory, Hydration and UV protection properties.

best anti-aging extracts


Top Hero Hair & Scalp Care Extracts

1.     Green/Black/White Tea Cellular Extract
2.     Yerba Mate Cellular Extract
3.     Ginkgo Biloba Cellular Extract
4.     Gotu Kola Cellular Extract
5.     Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract
6.     Lemon Myrtle Cellular Extract
7.     Mountain Pepper Berry Cellular Extract
8.     Grape Seed Cellular Extract
9.     Aniseed Cellular Extract
10.  Native Snowflower Cellular Extract
Hair Care starts at the scalp, where the hair follicle requires specific molecules. Based on extensive peer-reviewed research, NATIVE EXTRACTS’ technical team has identified natural compounds like Procyanidin, Quercetin, Kaempferol and EGCGs and their natural sources. Explore some of these ingredients for your hair and scalp care serums, sprays, shampoos, conditioners, masks, oils and more. And ask for the research on natural molecules and more extracts to consider for hair care!

top hair and scalp extracts

Top Hero Eye Area Extracts

1.     Willow Herb Cellular Extract
2.     Pineapple Cellular Extract
3.     Lavender Cellular Extract
4.     Flannel Flower Cellular Extract
5.     Emu Bush Cellular Extract
6.     Emu Apple Cellular Extract
7.     Echinacea Cellular Extract
8.     Bitter Orange Cellular Extract
Periorbital hyperpigmentation (dark circles or spots) and edema (puffy eyes or swelling) can be attributed largely to oxidative stress and inflammation. These extracts have water-soluble phyto-compounds worth exploring to nurture the periorbital region (based on public scientific peer reviews). Consider these for under eye creams, concealers and more!

top hair and scalp care extracts

Top Hero Blemish Care Extracts

1.     Finger Lime Cellular Extract
2.     Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract
3.     Davidson Plum Cellular Extract
4.     Emu Apple Cellular Extract
5.     Acai Cellular Extract
6.     Desert Lime Cellular Extract
7.     Green Tea Cellular Extract
8.     Lemon Myrtle Cellular Extract
From teenage breakouts, scarring, or simple skin clarity, these botanical extracts are taking the lead in cleansers, creams, masks and more to refresh, soothe and hydrate!

best extracts for blemishes and acne

Top Hero Hydration Extracts

1.     Waratah Cellular Extract
2.     Turmeric Cellular Extract
3.     Tasmanian Blue Gum Cellular Extract
4.     Strawberry Gum Cellular Extract
5.     Snake Vine Cellular Extract
6.     Silky Oil Grass Cellular Extract
7.     Tasmanian Lavender Cellular Extract
8.     Starfruit Cellular Extract
Dry skin is primarily caused by trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). These hydrophilic, water-soluble extracts contain phyto-compounds that can be translated into hydrating formulations – a mist, body drink, spray, lotion, cream, etc.

best hydrating extracts
Your buyers don’t have to choose based on their values or research. They can do BOTH with traceable, science-backed Cellular Extract Heroes! A recent study showed that 30% of cosmetics buyers are willing to stop purchasing a product due to its harmful effects on the environment. We’re seeing that reflected in more and more enquiries for hero ingredients that bring out the best of nature and science.


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