Frequently Asked Questions


Why NAP?

NAP is not just a natural ingredient wholesale supplier. NAP provides extensive customer service, working to find the best botanical ingredients to meet your objectives and budget. Beyond quality botanicals, NAP provides ingredients backed by independent laboratory testing, Certificate of Analysis (CofA), Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Where is NAP based?

Naturally Australian Products Inc is an Australian-based company, with strong connections to growers and producers across the country and around the world. However, our warehouse and sales team operate out of Santa Clarita, California to ensure convenience to our North American clients.

What's the difference between Naturally Australian Products and NAP Global Essentials?

Naturally Australian Products is our original company, which initially was focused on sourcing and providing Australian ingredients domestically. With increasing demand for botanical ingredients from other countries and our desire to provide more ingredient options from around the world, we launched NAP Global Essentials in 2015. This allowed us to expand our product range to other unique, biodiverse areas. We manage our international business under this sister company, but for simplicity sake, we keep it under the umbrella of the original "Naturally Australian Products."



Do you stock all items or do you bring them in on spec?

It is a combination of the two. We have a supply of select oils in our warehouse in Southern California. Often, for larger quantities we will order direct from our farmers and suppliers. We work closely with our producers and clients to ensure that supply will meet your company’s projected needs. Due to the variance in seasonality of plant-based, natural ingredients, it’s always best to order as much in advance as possible. Some of our harvests are annual or biannual, but only a couple are year-round. Lead times vary depending on the order.

Do you have products not listed on the website?

Yes, our extensive product selection far exceeds what is listed on the website. Please explore our catalogue or call us directly for availability.

Will you always have oil available?

Yes, providing we do not have a natural disaster.



What is your Minimum Bulk Order Quantity?

1 Kg

Do you offer samples?

Yes, please contact us for pricing and quantity.

Do I have to apply for a wholesale account?

Yes, you must apply with us directly and show a resellers license and pay for the first order upfront. You can request 30-day accounts thereafter.


What is the difference between ecoV™, Plantation and Wild Crafted Tea Tree Oil?

NAP’s ecoV™ Tea Tree Oil is Australian native Melaleuca alternifolia, true to species, grown and harvested in the Bungawalbyn Valley Basin and subject to long-term distillation to ensure all components in the oil are extracted to the highest level of purity. The natural biosphere of the Bungawalbyn Valley in northern NSW is the original place that Tea Trees evolved on the planet.

100% of anything means its “whole” – not some or most of it. When we say 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil – we mean the oil is based on ALL of the oil components available in the foliage and extracted to their maximum level. We offer ecoV™ organic and Wild Crafted grades of oil.

We also offer “plantation oil” that is not branded ecoV™, but is distilled for longer than average periods. Alternatively, our Wild Crafted Tea Tree Oil is hand harvested from trees that grow naturally in the wild, not planted in rows. Their leaves and branches are harvested with great skill and care for the tree, to continue their longevity. There is no foreign plant foliage in hand-harvested leaf.