Celebrating 10th Year as USA's Natural Ingredient Supplier

Celebrating 10th Year as USA's Natural Ingredient Supplier

On March 14th, Naturally Australian Products (NAP) we will celebrate our 10th year as North America's one-stop natural ingredient hub!

To become an expert, it's said to take 10,000 hours (about 10 years) of deliberate practice. However, NAP’s practice of sourcing natural ingredients from around the world is one that we believe is not something to be mastered. NAP's Co-Founder and Director, Robyn Ingersole, says, “to be an 'expert' in our industry is to always be learning, sharing and growing and that is a moving target we are always aiming for.”

We at NAP will dedicate the next decade ahead to the pursuit of the purest plant-based ingredients from around the globe. We will continue to provide natural solutions that are good for people and planet and will expand our portfolio to include more botanicals and new formats to keep our customers ahead of the trends. Aware of how important certifications are becoming for conscious consumers, Ingersole says, “We are supporting our brands in achieving their certifications by making sure our supply chain is transparent and beneficial to every person and place involved.”

As more brands search for ingredients to bring their consumers closer to the source, NAP’s service has become a treasured resource to brands and contract manufacturers looking for traceable ingredients. More than a distributor of products, we at NAP are sourcing stories: stories of sustainable farms (i.e. regenerative Sandalwood essential oil), of history with ancient mother tea trees and traditional botanical uses, of science with new advances in what properties are known to come from a species, and one of excitement for the future of natural products.

We've gained our expertise from the ground up, starting on our own 2,147 acre tea tree farm in Australia, where we perfected the art of distilling 100% pure Tea Tree Oil. We expanded our offering to other Australian species and brought exciting new botanicals to brands around the world, and now currently work with growers around the world to supply from over 32 countries.

Ingersole, humbly says, "We are simply farmers helping farmers." But, NAP is so much more. We ensure 100% purity by working directly with the producers, requiring documentation, and retesting on site when products arrive at our California warehouse. 

While NAP may be much more than a conventional ingredient distributor, our true “expertise” lies in our approach to not only providing pure ingredients, but the stories behind them, which is ultimately shaping the future of consumer goods and how we relate to the world.