Seeds of Change | Moringa Seed Oil Goes Beyond Skincare

Seeds of Change | Moringa Seed Oil Goes Beyond Skincare

Some of the most common carrier oils (palm oil, olive oil, etc.) used in cosmetics have recently been under question for containing toxic processing additives (i.e. hexane), lacking any beneficial nutrients, and oxidizing rapidly. Many of these concerns have been raised by dietitians regarding the risk of ingestion, but we’re also seeing debates among dermatologists around the safety of various oils for skin.

When comparing oils, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated oils vs saturated fats are a hot topic in personal care. For skin and hair care formulations, many brands choose saturated plant-based oils because of their long term oxidative stability. Coconut and palm oil are often go-to options, but with mounting concerns around palm oil production and coconut oil for acne-prone skin types, a more ethically produced saturated oil is in demand - Meet Moringa Seed Oil!

Moringa oleifera is touted as a miracle tree, packed full of nutrients from its leaves to its seeds, and is becoming more and more popular in personal care, generating demand that is creating ecological and socio-economic change throughout the world. We at NAP are proud to source both Moringa Seed Oil and Moringa Leaf Powder from a Ghanaian producer that takes a three-pronged approach to ethical production through farming, manufacturing, and product development.

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Caption: Moringa tree branches, leaves and seed pods under a blue sky on one of our Producer’s farms in Ghana

Although moringa can be grown around the world, Robyn Ingersole, Naturally Australian Products’ CEO, explains why she sources from this specific supplier, “Our cosmetic clients throughout the U.S. and Canada are seeking more than premium quality ingredients. They desire stories to share that their consumers can connect with and feel a part of. This cold-pressed moringa oil and organic moringa powder offer companies high quality natural ingredients and ethical sourcing that benefit over 5000 small farming families throughout Ghana. Over 3 million moringa trees have been planted and our producer’s organic farm is home to the largest solar-powered irrigation system in West Africa.”



Among the farming community, moringa is valued as a low input crop, which translates to an environmentally friendly alternative to other ecologically damaging oil crops such as Palm Oil. Additionally, Moringa trees are drought resistant, require little water, and capture 20x the carbon of other vegetation. Our producers also use a regenerative agriculture approach to protect soil health and increase biodiversity.

As with most botanical ingredients that require farming, harvesting, processing and sourcing, there is typically less financial gain the closer you get to the source, and more as you value-add the product. The margin increases exponentially from ingredient to final product, typically resulting in western corporations reaping a disproportionate share of the total revenue from seed to bottle. However, in this case our producers are also the ingredient manufacturers, meaning more money stays at the source, increasing opportunity and land access for women and tribal minorities.

Community members who typically lack access to land are allotted a plot on the farm and given access to irrigation, organic certification, agricultural training, and other services like child care, scholarship funding, health insurance, and more. These programs have increased women's participation in lucrative tree crop farming from 0% to 40%.

Caption: The happy growers of moringa on their farm in Ghana


But no matter how great a product may be for the planet and producers, consumers’ main priority is still efficacy, and luckily moringa is packed with health-promoting properties that are great for skin and hair as well!

Oil is the main component of moringa’s seeds and represents 36.7% of the seed weight; 13% of which is saturated and 82% unsaturated fats. This renders a quite stable oil, oxidizing much slower than others. Moringa seed oil also goes by Ben or Behen Oil because it has a high level of behenic acid, which is a long chain fatty acid, signaling it great for use in cold-processed formulations like soaps, butters, lotions, creams or conditioners. Moringa Oil is comparable to Olive Oil in terms of its fatty acid profile, but relatively less costly and (if comparing premium quality oils). This fatty acid profile is highly valuable to those looking to highlight scents in formulations, as the oil helps hold scent and maintain fresh botanical aromas from valuable floral oils like gardenia, rose, jasmine and more.

The molecular milieu of moringa compliments skin’s natural sebum for a lightweight, nourishing oil that won’t cause breakouts. With 92 essential nutrients and 46 antioxidants, moringa oil also has antibacterial effects, accounted for by the presence of pterygospermin, moringine and benzyl isothiocyanate.

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For more ideas on how to use Moringa Oil, see the list below from True Moringa…

1. Daily Facial Moisturizer

True Moringa oil is a perfect under-eye treatment to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or a daily facial moisturizer to even and nourish skin.

2. Makeup Remover

Water-resistant mascara is no match for moringa oil! Alcohol-based make-up removers can be harsh and drying. Moringa oil is tough on makeup and impurities and gentle on the skin.

3. Post Shave

Rich in oleic acid, moringa oil penetrates deep into the skin to deliver lasting moisture. Apply to damp skin post-shave to soothe sensitive skin.

4. Condition & Detangle Hair

Moringa oil is naturally packed with behenic acid to condition and detangle while promoting healthy hair growth. Leave in thicker, curly, or afro-textured hair, and rinse out of thinner hair.

5. Scars & Stretch Marks

Moringa oil's powerful plant hormones and fatty acids minimize the appearance of stretch marks and scars, leaving skin soft and well pampered

6. Cuticle Care

Hangnails got you down? Moringa oil moisturizes to compliment healthy nail growth when applied nightly to the cuticles.

7. Oil Cleanser

Whether you’re a one-step skincare routine minimalist or you’ve perfected your 12-step morning ritual, start and end your day with a gentle moringa oil cleanse to purify, moisturize, and nourish.

8. Massage

Moringa oil is nature’s perfect lubricant - in cosmetic chemistry jargon, its high 'slip value' makes moringa ideal for massage. Use it on your partner, or treat yourself.