Our Values

From the Earth. For the Earth.


At NAP, we believe in caring for that which cares for us. Our botanical-based industry relies on the health of our planet, and we want to ensure a thriving future for natural ingredients from clean, pristine and bio-diverse ecosystems like the ones we source from now.

Our ecological farming methods ensure sustainable products and the preservation of our ecosystem. At Jenbrook Farms we work within the natural environment to protect our ancient mother tea trees. Beyond maintaining the dying art of wildcrafting, our farming methods preserve our environment. For example, mulch from the trees we harvest is composted with green manure and put back onto the land to reduce weeds and build the soil’s biomass. We are committed to providing high-quality product that doesn't hurt our ecosystem and creates solutions to help maintain its integrity. Not only do we practice these methods on our own lands, but we also go to great lengths to source and encourage eco-conscious farming for our products sourced elsewhere.

Quality Products

Whether you are looking for new species or want to upgrade the quality of your ingredients, we source the botanical stories behind your hero ingredients. Our goal at NAP it to provide the most traceable, premium products from Australia & around the world. Following guidelines by these certifications, as well as our own environmental ethos, we provide ethical, unadulterated products that you can trust.

From the Earth. For the Earth.


Any day on our Jenbrook Farm you’ll likely find a few native, wild animals. They are our companions during long days on the plantation, but many of these  animals are in danger and their species are at risk.

We maintain a natural environment for them to live on our property, and we’ve also teamed up with the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation to give a portion of our proceeds back to wildlife hospitals to support their work researching, protecting and nurturing our native friends. To date, over 40,000 native animals have been released back into the wild through this initiative and NAP is proud to be a contributor to continue their mission to protect Australia’s unique wildlife.

Customer Service

Our team of ingredient experts are here to help you find personalized extracts and oils to not only achieve your objectives - but to stand out with natural backstories from innovative producers who share your brand's values. We work with clients from all over the world, from multinational brands to indie-startups, manufacturers, formulators, and more.