TRUE BOTANICALS Case Study | The “Secret Ingredient” to their #1 Selling Product

TRUE BOTANICALS Case Study | The “Secret Ingredient” to their #1 Selling Product

Today, we’re starting a series of case studies to share the secret ingredients behind our clients’ award-winning brands and their TOP SELLING products that work.

You’ll learn how this brand turned their products into cult cosmetics! And more, we’re taking a deep dive into one of their ingredients and revealing just how truly powerful their product is.

The Search for Trusted Ingredients for Top Tier Formulations

True Botanicals has an unrivaled commitment to safety, sustainability and efficacy. So, when they came to NAP looking for specific ingredients, we knew they needed to have 100% trust in the purity, source, and science behind them.  

They are one of the few beauty brands in the world that carry the MADE SAFE® seal on every single one of their products. “This certification has helped True Botanicals create clinically effective formulas that are completely safe for humans and the planet and deliver on potent concentrations of plant actives from fresh, pure ingredients,” comments Sarina Godin, Chief Product Officer of True Botanicals.

Our mission at NAP is to procure our ingredients as close to the source as possible, reducing risk of adulteration, contamination, whilst increasing traceability and transparency of our products. Our shared commitment to quality resulted in a selection of ingredients that not only offered the natural molecules they were looking for, but a story connecting their product back to the plants that power them.

The Objective - Biocompatible Ingredients that Outperform

Some brands include trivial percentages of plant extracts in their formulations for a “shoutout”, a label claim, or just to be able to include some botanical imagery on their packaging. But True Botanicals packs in as many biocompatible plant-actives as possible, and then puts them to the test in 3rd party clinical trials. 

When it came to finding a hydrosol for their Chebula Active Serum, they wanted one to contribute to their hydrating, skin-supporting elixir. Sarina says, “We wanted a natural plant-based ingredient that would not only deliver on a beautiful scent profile, but also deliver on providing skin nourishing benefits to help with smoother, brighter skin.

Karen Jacobs, Account Executive at NAP, quickly suggested our Organic Certified Neroli Hydrosol, directly sourced straight from our partners and producers in Italy. Karen backs up why Neroli was such a great choice for this formulation, “Neroli Hydrosol has a unique chemical composition of over thirty compounds, some of which can stimulate cell growth, support skin's renewal process and promote smoother and brighter skin. Not to mention, its calming scent is great for any skincare ritual.”

Why NAP’s Organic Neroli Hydrosol?

Because it is a costly ingredient to produce and hydrosols are more prone to microbial contamination, sourcing a fresh, 100% pure ingredient is incredibly important to ensure the safety and longevity of a product.

Some manufacturers have been caught selling Neroli Hydrosol as “100% pure,” when in reality they may be adulterated by…

-       including preservatives and synthetic chemicals to improve the aroma

-       diluting with distilled water

-       distilling poor plant material, incorrect species, wrong parts of the plant, or dried/rotten material

Neroli Hydrosol can also be “off” if it’s sold past its shelf-life date, where it oxidizes and loses its volatile compound content. Robyn Ingersole, NAP’s Co-Founder and Director, explains how she ensures 100% purity by “working directly with the producer in Italy and requiring documentation to prove that it’s organic and true to source. Then, we always retest all our hydrosols when they arrive at our California warehouse.”

NAP’s hydrosol was chosen due to the profile of the ingredient.  The scent was beautiful and we trust that NAP provides us with an organic, sustainable ingredient that meets the efficacy and safety profile we expect at True Botanicals.

The SECRET Ingredient to Their TOP SELLING Product

While NAP’s Neroli Hydrosol is a beautiful addition to True Botanicals’ already incredible formulation, we think the TRUE SECRET INGREDIENT to their incredibly successful Chebula Active Serum is their collaboration and commitment to quality! The amount of care they put into sourcing their ingredients shines through in their product.

True Botanicals’ Chebula Active Serum Clinical Trial and customer reviews speak for themselves!

1. 100% of women saw softer and smoother skin after 1 week.

2. Outperform top 2 leading serums on the market for wrinkle reduction.

3. Outperform top 2 leading serums on the market for evening skin tone.

4. Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles by 22% after 6 weeks. 

5. Additionally, 97% of women saw a reduction in the look of fine lines and wrinkles after 4 weeks.

“Unbelievable how I have seen a difference in such a short time. I’m 53 and have had people at work ask what is different about me. Even my kids have mentioned how “rested” I look. Definitely my new favorite product.” – Customer Review

Want to know more about Neroli Hydrosol?

More interesting facts about Citrus aurantium var armara Hydrosol 

•      Neroli Hydrosol is a by-product of the steam distillation of orange blossoms, the flowers of the famous bitter orange tree.

•      There are 3 ingredients that all come from Bitter Orange: Petitgrain that comes from the leaves and twigs, orange which comes from the peels and Neroli, from the flowers.

•      Neroli oil is rumored to be one of the ingredients in the closely guarded secret recipe for the Coca-Cola soft drink.

•      Applied topically, Neroli Hydrosols can be used to soothe skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes.


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