Apricot Carrier Oil

Prunus armeniaca

  • Certified Organic Available
Studied Properties

Apricot Oil is pressed from the seed of the apricot.

It has a clear oil light texture, is easily absorbed and makes an excellent moisturiser.

High content of oleic acid gives it a greater affinity with the skin and means its easily absorbed.

Apricot oil is one of the oils that has a lipid content similar to that of your skin.

The oil’s fine texture allows more rapid skin penetration, which promotes more prompt healing and nourishment of sore or chapped skin without residue.

Apricot Kernel Oil is moisturising and emollient and rich in essential fatty acids.

Apricot Oil contains Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6, B17 (richest plant in the world) and Vitamin E.

Being rich in Vitamin E, this light oil is easily absorbed and works to moisturise, soften and rejuvenate skin.

Oleic - 64.2%
Palmitic - 5.0%
Linoleic - 28.3%
Linolenic - 0.2%
Stearic- 1.0%

Suitable for all Skin types and particularly useful for mature, dry and sensitive types.

Common Uses

The refined grade of this Apricot carrier oil is light in color and odor making it ideal for incorporation into skin care products, it is particularly rich in both linoleic acid and Oleic acid. Gentle but nourishing.

Apricot Kernel Oil is suitable for use in eye products, massage oils, all cosmetic products including creams, lotions, body butters, balms and bath oils.

Use Apricot Kernel Oil with essential oils in a massage blend or by itself as a moisturizer for the skin.

Great for use in soaps as it is a good base.

Apricot kernel oil is good for people with sensitive skin. It is non-irritant and soothing for the skin. It is light and quickly makes the skin soft and smooth. Apricot oil percolates deep into the skin. It is easy to apply on the skin as it quickly spreads on the skin. It soothes irritated skin.

General purpose oil, suits most cosmetic applications; creams, lotions, body butters; massage products; bath oils & other bath products; soap; eye products (gels & creams); feet products (creams, scrubs); balms (no water content).

The Apricot tree (Prunus armeniaca) is the most commonly cultivated apricot species. It is a small tree that grows up to 12 metres tall with a dense, spreading canopy.  The fruits, which ripen to orange or yellowish orange, sometimes tinged with red, have soft flesh surrounding a hard, flattened stone, containing a kernel within. Apricot oil is pressed from the seed of the fruit. It has a clear light texture and is easily absorbed by the skin and full of nutrients and rich in essential fatty acids and is an excellent moisturiser.

More about Apricot Carrier Oil

Studied Properties

  • Moisturizing
  • Soothing
  • Non-irritant
  • Emollient

Common Uses

  • Bath
  • Massage
  • Skin Care
  • Bath
  • Eye Area

Feature Constituents

  • oleic acid
  • palmitic acid
  • linoleic acid
  • linolenic acid
  • stearic acid

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