USA-Australian partnership launches the first Australian Natural Ingredient Hub

USA-Australian partnership launches the first Australian Natural Ingredient Hub

One-stop-shop meets USA demand for potent, natural, phyto-active cosmetic ingredients from Australia

Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia, April 28, 2017 – As the cosmetic industry responds to consumer demand for greater, naturally derived solutions, there is a growing trend in profiling ingredients from previously untapped mega-diversities, and the native Australian “pioneer species” are at the forefront of what is considered the greatest evolution of natural product development. For the first time, U.S. brand owners and their contract manufacturers can access the largest range of natural water-soluble, and oil-soluble phyto-actives and powder formats from some of the most exciting species the industry has seen to date.
Natural ingredient innovator, NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd partners with U.S. based Australian grower, manufacturer and supplier of Australian essential oils and carrier oils, Naturally Australian Products Inc (NAP) to offer the “Australian Ingredient HUB,” creating a one-stop-shop of the highest quality and widest range of Australian natural ingredients ever represented on U.S. shores - full plant profiles of water-soluble actives, the volatiles from essential oils, fatty acid profiles from seed oils and new freeze-dried concentrated powders.

NATIVE EXTRACTS’ Cellular Extraction™ technology is driving the evolution of the botanical extract - delivering the first “True to Nature” extracts – full plant profiles of naturally derived water-soluble phyto-active compounds, the water soluble blueprint of the largest range of Australian extracts.  Discovered in some of the world’s most biologically untapped reservoirs of mega-diversity, these extracts provide a bank of phyto-activity from species that have evolved over millions of years and provide new possibilities in natural product development.
Australian species are known as “pioneer” species with efficient mechanisms to create and store the phyto-active compounds they need to sustain their existence and reproduce, and they have evolved in some of the harshest environments across a wide spectrum of rainforests, coastal dunes, wetlands and deserts, which has resulted in water-soluble profiles that are highly multifunctional across application categories.
“We have found that the global trend, across Cosmetic, Nutraceutical, Natural Pharma and Food & Beverage industries, is focused on naturally derived ingredients, access to natural molecules, performance sourced from nature, transparency of source, social responsibility and a major departure from synthetic ingredients,” said Lisa Carroll, Director and Founder, NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd.  “Our partnership provides the U.S. with an exciting new resource, technical expertise and direct supply of the hottest trending sources of pure and advanced natural Australian botanical ingredients. Now, product developers can draw on and layer multiple solubility profiles of single botanical sources from powerful Australian species,” said Carroll.
“The recent inclusion of Native Extracts innovative biomimicry technology allows us to offer a cost effective, innovative offering to the market place. The fact that many of these potent plants have never been featured in branded cosmetics before in the U.S., allows an opportunity for early adopters to be the first to market with the potency and activity of these ancient ingredients,” said Jacqui Rathner, Chief Operating Officer at NAP. “We hope to allow clients access to the most effective and innovative products in the market, whilst giving them unprecedented access to Australia’s unique and potent natural species,” she added.
The Australian Ingredient HUB offers North American contract manufacturers and brand owners real-time access to what Australia’s mega-diverse ecosystem has to offer and the latest in scientific advances from one supplier. 
“We’ve chosen the NATIVE EXTRACTS range because it offers enormous depth and efficacy – with rare sources, new technological advances, new opportunities and consumer benefits to bring to market. This is what the U.S. has been looking for and the local presence means faster turnaround for supply, greater access to information and quicker go-to market opportunities.  Already, the response from our key clients has been overwhelming due to the superior access to extensive libraries of compound profiles of these species”, said Rathner.
We are responding to this exponentially growing market demand for authentic “True to Nature” powered cosmetics with innovation, scientific advances, returning to the respect for nature and honouring its efficient mechanisms, in the pursuit to support powerful natural solutions,” said Carroll.





Australian-based NATIVE EXTRACTS, founded in 2012, are pioneering leaders in delivering True to Nature phyto-compound profiles from unique, powerful botanical sources, including breakthroughs in harnessing the natural Vitamin C molecule in an aqueous format with stability over 24 months. While offering an extensive hydrophilic Cellular Extract range, they continue to expand their oil-soluble range of unique native seed oils and infusions. They introduced a world-first blue essential oil, Rainforest Blue, and recently announced their nutraceutical range of world-first Plant EssenXces – nutrient-dense, highly concentrated liquids for ingestion and health-span applications. Based in the Northern Rivers Hinterland region on the Australian east coast with a growing global distribution network, NE operates a conscious manufacturing facility that minimizes energy consumption and waste for traceable, transparent, and True to Nature molecules for natural solutions. Backed by rigorous standards of quality control and certified ISO9001:2015, Food Grade and Organic Certified, NE is evolving as an Australian Biotech company, and the industry choice for ingredient commercialization, custom projects and continuous R&D for the Cosmetic, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage industries, and collaborations with highly regarded research institutions.


About Naturally Australian Products (NAP) Inc

Naturally Australian Products, NAP Inc began operating in the U.S. in January 2013 by importing 100% Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) Essential Oil from their parent company, Jenbrook Farms in Australia under the leadership of Robyn Ingersole, Owner and CEO. Within a few months, in response to demand, they expanded their product offering to carry several hundred ingredients including many native pure essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils, nut seed oils and extracts. Their trusted and service oriented relationships have enabled NAP to grow quickly and adapt to the needs of their customers and their expanded requests for Australia’s largely untapped, unpolluted, potent biodiversity.
Jenbrook Pty Ltd owns Certified Organic Tea Tree Farms in the Bungawalbin Valley Northern NSW. As a leader in ecological farming, Jenbrook actively promotes and practices these methods on organic farms. Through increased interest for other Australian Native and grown Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Carrier oils, Seed Oils and Extracts Jenbrook now leverages its relationships and seeks other Australian farmers who harvest these products in an eco-friendly method. Jenbrook sources several hundred products grown in Australia, many of which are exported to the United States. 

For more information or technical specifications about Naturally Australian Products, Jenbrook or their products, visit or