Versatile Lemon Myrtle | Why the US is Falling for this Australian Leaf in 2024

Versatile Lemon Myrtle | Why the US is Falling for this Australian Leaf in 2024

Already a famous flavor and admired aroma, brands that are looking to refresh their lemony products or take a twist on classic citrus are reaching for Lemon Myrtle. Naturally Australian Products (NAP) has found that this long-admired leaf, used traditionally across Australia, is now being formulated into a variety of products across the US’ culinary and cosmetic landscape.

NAP’s CEO, Robyn Ingersole, shares, “More and more, US brands are looking abroad to source unique alternative ingredients for new points of difference,” as evidenced by the prominent industry 'glocal' trend, blending global and local elements for diverse approaches to regional products. However, lemon myrtle offers more than a new backstory and fresh imagery. It has a powerful range of constituents, offering a rich aroma and potent antioxidant activity, due to having the highest citral content of any citrus!


Backhousia citriodora Essential Oil is a popular format of Lemon Myrtle for formulating owing to its natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant and antifungal qualities. These properties make lemon myrtle desirable for a range of personal care, food & bev, and household products. Currently, lemon myrtle is featured in cleaning products, disinfectants, aroma diffusers, snacks and granola, flavoured condiments and honey, crackers, cookies, candles, botanical probiotic drinks, teas, alcoholic beverages, deoderants, perfumes, lotions, soaps, and other products from both large and boutique brands. There’s no wonder why lemon myrtle was a standout ingredient in the 2023 Kerry Nutrition Awards, featured as an emerging beverage flavor, up & coming savory, salty and sweet flavor, and rockstar ingredient in all categories for nutrition.



As the most antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal of the Australian essential oils, it is a great germicide for these microbial-cautious times, even showing more potency than tea tree! And unlike many ingredients, conventional or organic Lemon Myrtle oil both help keep the planet clean too! It is highly efficient to grow, requires very little inputs, saves water and nutrients for food crops, and produces compostable by-products, which are recycled back into the soil.



A wonderful mood-booster, this uplifting oil presents the perfect opportunity for brands to incorporate stress relief into their products. Not only are consumers actively seeking calming personal care products, but 70% of US consumers are willing to pay more for them! As Americans seek more functional foods and beverages, lemon myrtle offers a unique take on citrus that is beneficial beyond the physical properties. Contact Naturally Australian Products to request a datasheet and quick sample from their convenient, US-based California Warehouse today!


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